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the name is mandi. the heart is broken. junior in high school. mother-to-be in january. anything else? IM me

Quotes by always_love01

i just wish life could be simple
and that feelings didnt have a huge affect
i wish things would just be right
and that we could all manage to be happy

but there is always goin to be that person
who sits in the back and cries
letting her smile hide every tear
and makin sure she comes out strong
pullin through everything with just herself
counting on no one in this world
counting down the days till she feels no more pain<|3

100% me. dnt take credit
This Is My Prayer
Everynight I say a prayer for you
Asking for you to be happy
Asking God to keep you with me
This is my prayer for you

Everynight I say a prayer for me
That the heart ache would leave me
That I would find true happiness
This is my prayer for me

Everynight I say a prayer for her
That she will come to this world healthy and strong
That she will know we both love her
This is my prayer for her

Evernight I say a prayer for us
That we will someday fall in love together
That the three of us will be a real family
Yes, this is my prayer for you, me and her
its that time again...
tryin to let go of so much
but theres just one thing
that i wanna hold on to forever
the one thing that keeps me goin
yup its you. wonderful you
u have my heart.
and to let you know i dont want it back
idk wat to do anymore
all i ever feel is hurt
please tell me its gonna end
please tell me it will go away
just make the world stop
so i can get off this crazy ride
make this be one big nightmare
let me wake up in your arms
let me wake up to your face
let me wake up to your love
prove your always gunna be there
just make this all go away <|3