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my best friend died on february 11, 2006. she was 14. a freshman in high school. she didn't get to drive, graduate, go to college, get married, have kids. she didn't get to say goodbye to anyone. and i miss her more than anything. she always told me she'd take my secrets to the grave. and she did. 6 feet under the earth. imissyousomuchkristen. meet me at the gates when it's my day... 7/13/91 2/11/06 a Man hanging on a wooden cross giving everything to save the lost everybody's staring not knowing what He's going through someone said 'You don't have a breath, if You're a king come on down from there!' the Man just turned His head, looked up and stared He said 'please forgive them, for they have not seen the light, they'll come to know Me when I come back to life, I'll go to Heaven to make everything alright, so please forgive Your children... they don't understand.' im 15. im in love. not like 12 year old love. more like i've loved him for three damn years love i love basketball, volleyball, softball, and track. i basically love running. i love every single color there is. mostly pink && green. if someone makes fun of people, i will yell at them. if you're a blonde, brunette, red hed, black hair.. WHO CARES? its just hair. i think plastic surgery is stupid. you were born to look a certain way. why change it? i'm pro-life. and im saving myself for marrige. PROUD OF IT TOO! i dont care if you disagree with me. im not bothered by it. i think food is great. i dont know how much i weigh. i think people upsessed with weight are stupid. it doesn't matter what pant size you wear. i love baseball too. go cubs! =) i am incapable of hating people. i LOOOVEE animals! i plan on going to Africa to help build houses and all that good stuff. i'm attracted to smart guys, not guys that use their looks to get girls. ... but i must say i do like emo guys. i cannot sing. at all. i remember everything about animals, but nothing about things like the carbon cycle or the electron transport chain. i really have no idea what i wanna do with my life. possibly architecture, zoology, vet school, doctor, pharmacist, designing of some type, something where i can travel, be a writer;; an artist maybe... see i really have no idea yet. =) . if you need to contact me then just email me. && i`ve actually submitted more than 900 quotes on here.. so why it says 7 hundred something;; i don't know lol.

Quotes by always_x_and_x_4ever

Pretty, pretty, pretty
It's all they ever say.
Well maybe I want to be beautiful or gorgeous
for a change.

mine. =]
I wrote you the longest note of my life;; filled entirely of lies.
Because I never once told you I love you.
Well, I love you.

mine. =]
Dewdrops on wilting roses
Sunsets over dirty oceans
A sailboat in an orange sky
Sinking to a lullaby

mine. =]
Am I just a last resort?
Do you only come to me when your other relationships fail?
I'm starting to get that impression.

mine. =]
You've kissed plenty of girls.
How did I get left out?

mine. =]
Let me rip your heart out.
Let me have your beautiful beat.

mine. =]
Oh;; she'll be fine. She just needs some time to get over the fact that he has a girlfriend now.

mine. =]
She was found dangling from a ceiling fan,
A rope around her neck.

mine. =]
So what's it feel like?
Being with the one I love?
Cuz it's definately breaking my heart.

mine. =]
When I go out, I'll go out with a BANG
More specifically, with a gun to my head
Screaming your name.

yea.. i made this =]