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my name is Aly && im seventeen years young. I am going to be a senior. I'm a southern bell with a little thug twist. I love writing. The one thing that has gotten me through so much is quotes. That is why i love this website. Music would also be added to that list. If you sing me a song, i'll fall in love. I'm happy on my own. && Theres no greater feeling than being happy and alone. If you need advice, I'm your girl.



Quotes by aly2013

&& I guess she's alright.

If perfections what you like.


It's the ugly truth.

That every memory you two had, can just be erased from his mind, but it keeps replaying in yours. That every little thing you love about them, they probably don't even realize any of that about you. Every thing you two had once planned, is just the past.

It's the ugly truth that sometimes goodbye is really forever..


Come back, Come back,

Come back to me

Like you would, you would if this was a movie....



The Trust Broke
as fast as her heart shattered
&& As quickly as he left.

She will brighten anyones day,
even when she can't brighten her own.

She will give her everything,

even if they don't do the same for her.

She gives chances out,
hoping someone will prove her wrong.

She holds it together,
so no one will worry.

She finds beauty in every face,
but her own.

She is smiling,
but her heart is breaking.

She is strong on the outside,

but no one really knows the real her.


He amazes me.

Him: *kisses my forehead*
Me: *Smile* I love you..

Him: I love you too.
Me: Forever?
Him: And always.


sometimes I wish my life was recorded.
that way i can go back and watch every mistake over again, to remind myself what not to do;; watch every laugh to remind me of fun times;; and to rewind every moment spent with you, so I'll never lose the memories even if i lose you...

He asked me to be his
on New YEars Eve, then kissed me from 11:59 to 12:01,

ending & beginning the year amazing.

What do I have to do
to be good enough for you??