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my name is Aly && im seventeen years young. I am going to be a senior. I'm a southern bell with a little thug twist. I love writing. The one thing that has gotten me through so much is quotes. That is why i love this website. Music would also be added to that list. If you sing me a song, i'll fall in love. I'm happy on my own. && Theres no greater feeling than being happy and alone. If you need advice, I'm your girl.



Quotes by aly2013

Dear Heart,
I'm so sorry. I know you love him. && I know this isn't fair. I know your questioning yourself and wondering what you did wrong. I'm sorry I got you all confused. I actually believed him too. I thought he was being honest just like you did. I wanted everything to work out, but you need to heal. The only way that will happen is if you let yourself. It will be okay. You'll be able to move on. Next time, I'll be more careful. I won't give you away to anyone. This pain is just too much. I promise I won't let just anyone have you. I know you will never forget him. But it will get better... Stay strong.


She smiles a little wider,
Yet she cuts a little deeper.
They say she gets a little bit stronger,
But she grows a little bit



Her smile is a little wider,
Yet her cut is a little deeper.
They say she gets a little stronger,

But she's growing a little weaker.

She says she's doing just fine,
but It's getting harder for her to try,

The pain is overwhelming,
She feels like she wants to die.

She breaks a little more,
every single day.

When will it stop?
What's the price to pay?

She wants someone to hold her,

and help her with this fight,
She needs someone to be there,

To say everything is alright.
Have you ever just wanted to pause that moment?

You know, the tyoe of moment when you just want time to freeze, and for this moment to play over and over again? Like this one moment qould make your life amazing if nothing changed? That moment where he tells you he loves you or maybe he wraps his arms around you for the first time? Maybe it's your first kiss, or maybe you found out he feels the same way you do? That moment of pure and beautiful happiness. You feel amazing and you just can't stop smiling, because everything is perfect in that moment. Your life has been complete, just for those minutes in that moment. It's a moment you'll treasure for the rest of your life. Because you know, after that moment, things will fall apart. It's bound to happen. But it doesn't hurt to wish that maybe one day,
You'll be able to go back to that moment. ♥
No i don't have your hoodie on,
but I can still smell your cologne.

No we don't talk,
but your voice is still my favorite sound.
No your not holding my hand,
but i still remember the way it felt.

No you don't hug me,
but I still remember your arms wrapped around me.
No you aren't kissing me,
but i still remember your lips.

No you aren't with me,
but I still feel those butterflies when you are around.
No you aren't mine,

but you still hold my heart.

99.9% of my quotes are about him,
but even if you read every single one of them,
I bet you'd still have no idea
how much he means to me.

my quote/nmf

she holds onto the MEMORIES for dear life;

because that's  the only thing she has left of him.

All she wants is something to hold on to,
that's all she needs.



I thought this time would be different,

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>silly me.

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