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my name is Aly && im seventeen years young. I am going to be a senior. I'm a southern bell with a little thug twist. I love writing. The one thing that has gotten me through so much is quotes. That is why i love this website. Music would also be added to that list. If you sing me a song, i'll fall in love. I'm happy on my own. && Theres no greater feeling than being happy and alone. If you need advice, I'm your girl.



aly2013's Favorite Quotes

When was the last time you thought of me?
Or have you just completely erased me from your memory?
This quote does not exist.


Only 12% can solve this in 30 seconds. Say the opposite of these words:
1) always
2) coming
3) from
4) take
5) me
6) down

Fave if you get it.

the less you care,
       the happier                  you'll be.

'I miss you,' he said to me.
"i'm not gone,"    »       i replied.

I want that kind of guy..
Who'd let me wear his favorite hoodie.
Cuddle with me when it's cold.
Hang out with me.
Share hot chocolate with me.
Who'd be crazy with me.
Make me laugh.
I want him to hold my hand.
To kiss me softly on the lips.
Make me feel safe in his arms.
I want him to say he loves me and mean it.
Call me 'beautiful' instead of 'sexy' or 'hot'
Come over on weeknights and help me with my homework.
We'd play xbox together, competing at COD.
take crazy pictures together.
For the most part, I wish for a guy who would understand all of my flaws.
who would look past my burns and scars
and see the beauty inside my heart.
I wish for that guy to be amazing. reliable. respectful.
and I wish to be his, and only his.
Forever and always.
If I had a guy like that..

I'd cuddle with him.
Hold him close to me and always keep him close to my heart.
I'd show him how much I appreciate him.
Hang out with him and have long, good talks about things.
I'd plan my future with him.
I'd understand him and trust him.
I'd play his favorite Xbox game with him even if I suck.
I'd give him my favorite rubber bracelet to wear.
I'd take it slowly and kiss him.
I'd seriously love him to not even the moon, but beyond that;
and all the way back to earth.
It would make my entire life to find this one special person.
I wonder sometimes, though,
If I ever will.

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You've seen me at my Best

but not at my worst because when you left you never looked back
This quote does not exist.

There's plenty of fish in the sea.. ?
Yeah? Well 50% are girls,
30% are over 18,
and 15% are under 10,
which leaves 5% of the population.
2% of the remaining fish are taken,

and we haven't even gotten into the personalities
of the fish, what the fish looks like,
and what you two have in common.
After all of that narrowing down,
there is only one fish left in the sea.
That fish is your nemo, so
never let anyone dare to tell you that
there are plenty of fish in the sea.


boy meets world;

cory: "we're gonna have a child? wait, we only kissed!
I mean, I know I'm a really good kisser, but.. wow!"