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I'm letting go

Of everything. It's time I stopped thinking about what could happen, and just did things I wanted to do.

dOn't aSK foR My OpInIoN,

If you don't want the truth.


Call me crazy,
but I still like him.
He may not know my name.
My friends say he's a player,
but I don't mind a little game.

"Things usually work out in the end, and if they don't, then you haven't come to the end yet."

-Jeanette Walls

So today,

I was at GSA (gay straight alliance) which is an after school club. We were going through some surveys about bullying which we had to count the number of boxes that were checked for each question. At the bottom of each survey students were allowed to write comments. One student wrote "Sometimes people stick things up my butt and when I tell the teachers, they don't believe me, and I secretly like it".

People are so damn weird 


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It's funny
How everything that wasn't supposed to happen happened.


Fave if you believe in marrige.
Comment if you don't.


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