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Be careful what you say to some one today.
Because tomorrow they might not be there,
and you cant take it back.
A christmas Miracle <3

Monday the 24th I was in Wall-mart and old lady was looking for candy cane ice cream & she couldn't fine it... she asked me to help her look for it... i couldnt find it.. and she walked away with tears in her eyes. so i still kept looking and when I found it, I ran all over and looked for her... when I found her I gave it to her and she started crying, and then she hugged me..and said " I love you dear".
I was really confused. I asked her why she was crying and She said...

"My husband passed away 4 years ago, it was his favorite ice cream and every year we would sit down and eat it together, so for the past 4 years I got his favorite ice cream and I ate the hole container, it always feels like hes right next to me eating it."
God will never give you anything you can't handle;
so don't stress. ♥

 I always say how I don't want my father to come see me or my brothers; or that I hate him.....
I've changed I want him to be in our life. I want him to be around and take us places. & always be here for us;

I want him to come see us. I'm sick of the so called " games."

grow some balls and come visit yer damn kids... not having a father is hard..

Snooki's pregnant?

I hope she doesn't have problems delivering her baby, We'd all hate to hear the doctor say

"we have a little situation here"

I wonder for who it is more
awkward for when a guy has
bigger boobs than you...
Why can't boys be like volleyball?
You call "mine" and
everyone else backs off.
Tumblr ~
I've got them moves like Bieber♥

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