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well , i got my best friend back so thats all that matters ,
but follow me and i follow back <3

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hey guys,
well , my name is alyssa , and im
14. im here for anyone so if you
need me , comment on my account
and ill give you my number .
<3 (:


 seeing me in pain , yet you still put me through it

Life is like a rollercoaster
it can either be up or down

 but while the rides going you cant tell either apart .

Ennie Meanie Minney Moe.
You are NOTHING but a hoe.
You think your cute , you think your classy,
*reality check* your REALLY trashy.    

Take me as i am ,
watch me as i go.  

I'm a spacebound rocket ship and your heart's the moon , and I'm aiming right at you. <3
- Eminem

That awkward moment when
your ex boyfriend  of one day ,
makes out with your best friend
while your other best friends boyfriend is there
and your still in love with the kid ..