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Quotes by alyssaxxx

Dear Wittians,
fave if you HATE the new witty like me(:

Realizing you don't
have a life when Witty is down.

Me and My boyfriend
are so different...
i exist ,
he doesn't.


When I walk into school the first day
I want him to look at me in the eyes
Thinking "Wow I missed out"

This Time Last Year
Everything Was So

Why so much hatred towards Justin Bieber?

Because it has followed this dreams?

Because he worked hard since he was little?

Because millions love him?

Because it gave 3million dollars in Haiti and 7 million in Japan?

Because it helps associations around the world?

For half the profits from his album have been given?

Because he realized the dream of a 6 year old daughter having cancer?

Or just because you have a stupid reason to hate him?

"Giving up doesn't

always mean you're weak,

sometimes you're
just strong enough

to let go."

-Taylor Swift


So here's to...

the crap we talk
the guys we stalk
the way we shop
laughs we can't stop
the gossip we spill
the looks that could kill
we'll stay together
cuz we're
best friends forever!



Because I'm young and stupid
and really good at making bad decisions. NMQ/NMF