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When he messes up and apologizes,
accept his apology. When you see he is holding back tears, forgive him.
When it's apparent that any pain you feel he feels 10 times worse,
r e a l i z e t h a t h e l o v e s y o u .
When he hurts you, and he's there to put
you back together... l e t h i m .



I bet i dont even cross his mind, but yet he's on mine all the time 

That Akward Moment
wh       en           your            i      n             t     he            m     i      d    d       le          o     f          an            a     r         g       u      e      m    e     n   t            
&              You           r      e      a    l    i   z      e          y     o    u    '       r      e            w     r     o   n    g         


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 That who loves who
more game you play with your

damn I miss those times

Friendship   is  l  i  ke  peeing  on  yourself: everyone  can   s ee   it, but  only  you   get   the warm   feeling   that   it   brings.  

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Thirty Day Challenge!

Day 9- Someone You Don't Talk Too As Much As You'd Like Too
Deaaarr Aaaamaaaandddaa<33
i miss you so much girl we barely talk anymore you are my BESTFRIEND and i mean it i mean we have only had 1 fight it was in 1st grade please it was probably about who cut eachother on the lunch linee lol but still i lovee you mandaaa  Since you moved theeress always something missing its you i need you to move back heree so likee you can be here with mee i miss you gurrllll<333333333333333


Thirty Day Challenge!


Day 8 - Your Favorite Internet Friend From WITTY. 

Dear Fav Internet Friend From wittttyy
hmmm who should i chooose well i think i choose eitherr letshavesomefun or fortawesome99<333 i lovee theemm so much sammmmanthhaaa andd alli so nicee and would help me with any problemmm you guys are so nice and i love that i got to know you morree<3 kbyeee

Thirty Day Challenge!

Day 6 - A Stranger.
Dear Stranger,
STRANGER DANGERR i dont talk to creepy strangers excepts 4 some wittty gurrrrlsss <3 lol i dont wanna make a letter like this kso buuhhhh byeeee