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&& for some reason i just cant get it through my head that you dont care anymore.
»It should be illegal to wake up 
                                         before the sun comes up.

All of the One Direction crap is really annoying! Stoppp!!!

One day you're gunna want her. That girl that knew she wasn't perfect, but tried to be for you. That girl who wanted nothing more that to be there for you, and loving you was the only way she could. The girl who sees your flaws, but values them as much as your strengths. That girl who stills can't bring herself to hate you, even though sometimes you probably deserve it. The girl that should have you, but doesn't.
Excuse me, do you know where the crapper is? I have to drop off some timber..

Stranger- asdgkfyef
You- what?
Stranger- lsdfdfl
You- (nod your head and hope you don't look like an idiot)

When you call yourself ugly, you’re actually criticizing your creator. Not you.
Real eyes realize real lies.
That awkward moment when you say you like cheese,
But really, you don't like cheese..