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My names Ali. Family. Friends. Basketball. Soccer. Summer= My life<3
Thats the basic:*

Quotes by amac09z

I wish I c ould wake

up like  Spongebob


That awkward moment when someone asks "whats wrong" and they're the problem...


Sending a text

Then regretting it so much afterwards.

what about me?
Im your pal, your bestfriend, dont I matter?

monsters inc<3 gotta love it.


Whens someones annoying you, and you just want to punch them in the face.

Hes been going throuh the girls like there kleenex...

Dont waste your tears 
on something thats not worth it


If your lucky enough to be different, dont ever change♥
- taylor swift

Format by Sandrasaurus

only if my dreams

 came true, because then i'd

actually be with you<3



Lets go summer of 2012
Flipflops, icecream, tanning oil, beach, pools, no makeup, no straitners, no drama, late nights, late mornings, sleepovers, friends, vacation<3
Hurry up summer<3