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Hey, my name's Amanda. I love Justin Bieber... I'm a proud #belieber c; Just because I'm belieber doesn't mean I'm 5, so stfu. I'm not really a bitch, unless you piss me off. Even then I'm not really a bitch. Basically, I'm only a bitch if I hate you. My one wish is that I get shot during World History class; so I don't have to withstand my horrible dumbass teacher any longer. I take French and I hate every second of it. School basically sucks. That's all you need to know about me right now... so bye c:

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                                               babhear melodie
                       when your heart



It's a new year
Me and you dear,
Yeah, I know this love is true dear.


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These 3 words, I've been holding back...
Go screw yourself

No matter how
strong a girl is,she
has a
weak point. &
sometimes, all she
needs is a hug


why am I so afraid to lose you
when your not even mine?


Remember Me?

I once meant everything to you.