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myy name is amber♥...
~i was born with diaphragmatic hurnia
~im 16
~probably the pickiest eater you'll ever meet
~the HYPER one
~sophomore and varsity cheerleader.
~im very outgoing and gullable
~a christian at osage hills
~God is my life.
'nuff said.

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treat your chick right, or another bro will.


 Father's Day Soundtrack


1. Father's Day ~ Owl City
2. My Girl ~ Temptations
3. My Father's Eyes ~ Amy Grant
4. Butterfly Kisses ~ Bob Carlisle
5. Daddy's Hands ~ Holly Dunn
6. Daughters ~ John Mayer
7. Watching You ~ Rodney Atkins
8. My Little Girl ~ Tim McGraw
9. You're Gonna Miss This ~ Trace Adkins
10. Song For Dad ~ Keith Urban 

Miss you daddy. 

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she's dating you for a reason.
if she wanted that dude, she'd
be with that dude. chill out, bro.

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if you cant handle an answer,
then don't ask the question
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Have you ever tried removing
all the vowels from "female"
and seeing what you got?


aand this ones for...


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American Idol

Scotty McCreery


Joplin, Mo

c l i c k t h e f o r y o u r p r a y e r s

T h a m i n i  h e a r t  a t t a c k

w h e n  y o u r  p h o n e  v i b r a t e s

and  h i s  name  pops  up

c l i c k  t h e    ♥  i f   y o u   a r e   w a i t i n g  f o r    t h  a t   t o    h a p p e n   t o n i g h t.

If you Believe-in God

c  l   i  c  k   t  h  e  ♥