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ampalmer224's Favorite Quotes

You break my heart to pieces.
As my self esteem Decreases
And my dreams begin to lessen
into absolutely nothing.

Now I am so lonely
I thought you were my one and only
As our Love vanished Slowly
I still loved you and you only.

But still this pain persists.
This love i have for you still exists.
I still imagine the first day we kissed
theses memory of us i miss.


& He Said To Her,
 "I never meant to hurt you."
But before he could even finish , she shook her head and said ,
"I never mean't to fall in love with you ; but I guess we all make mistakes.".

i'll admit, i always get attached to you..
even if your actions don't mean a damn thing.
I'm not a blessing..
I'm not a gift..

I will not cry when this ends

I'm not a muse..
To fill your soul

But I'll do

You pass the time with me
Cause it's so simple and free
It won't be good for me

But it'll do

*scared to date again.
It's nothing compared to what he and I had.
But it'll do.
It has to for now.
Without being alcohol
Her memories intoxicate me.
Oh, honey. 

You can't break a broken heart.

really miss being with you

We all have that one guy bestfriend

that we lose because he gets a girlfriend

Yes, I admit it. I'm jealous. Because I know how easy it is to fall in love with you.

Don’t wait for the perfect moment,

Take the moment and make it perfect.