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What is the point of being alive,
If you don't at least try to do somthing 

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i promise, if you just surround yourself with the right people, life will be easy. those who will crack corny jokes with you and treat you right are your real friends & it is important to know that it is okay to only have a few of these people around,  and it’s also okay to have lots; whatever suits you. Do not let other peoples’ opinions or even other friend group sizes discourage you; if what you’ve got works for you, you’re doing great. Having supportive friends means you can discard the constant worrying about looking perfect and acting a certain way in front of certain people; you can finally be happy. Chances are, if the people you choose to spend time with don’t make you feel good, you’re not happy. & you may not always realize it since you’re so adapt, but there is no way in he/ll you are ever enjoying yourself while faking or hiding your own personality for the sake of being more “likable” to others. & this isn’t healthy, or worth it at all for that matter… because living is supposed to be enjoyable. So if you’re going to take anything beneficial away from reading this, take this advice: stop making life more difficult for yourself than it needs to be. Blatantly, all our heartache and drama is self-induced. It may be hard to understand while you’re in the fragile state of heartbreak, but trust me on this…you cannot blame those who have hurt you for the fact that you are feeling so broken. Yes, it will be difficult, but you have to pick yourself back up. You cannot rely on others to help you. & please, do not think I say this because they won't, I’m sure there are some amazing people who will be there for you and willing to do all they can. But the harsh truth is that everyone has their own lives. And although you may see your problems as bigger, everyone has their own inner-struggle to handle too. The only way to ensure that you won’t fall back into your depression while no one is there to catch you is to bring yourself back to the bright, shining person you remember, all on your own. Take control of your own feelings; take control of your own life. That’s when you can be proud, that’s when you can finally say, “I made it.” So start today, I dare you. Try living drama-free. Live life simply, and life will be simple back to you. 
happiness is really quite simple, we just often over-complicate achieving it...

Simple living is happy living:

work hard,
love what you do,
and all that is left is to wait,
soon the best will come to you.
every song ends, but that's no reason not to enjoy the music. 
do you ever get super sad and lonely without knowing why you feel that way? yea. i hate that.
friends or future? 
youre life is precious. please dont ever forget that.
okay, so some from my school decided to start a "school drama" social media account to basically gossip about all the drama going on within our school. The thing is, he made the account recently...meaning it was over the summer. That just didn't make any sense to me, so naturally I commented saying something like...

"Why would you make this account over the summer? I don't know about anyone else, but I personally do NOT want to hear about any of the stupid drama going on in our school over my summer break."

And its amazing how many people I know actually commented back saying they agreed with me, people I never expected. I never thought other kids I know get as annoyed as I do with the exaggerated gossip. Their support shocked me and honestly made me rethink my views on some of the things I used to see going on in the hallways. It just gave me a good feeling I guess; some faith in my peers was restored that day. 

The as/shole delelted the account this morning. 
A boy in the eighth at my school took his own life last night.
I did not know him, but so many people were talking about how he always had a bright smile on his face and was always making others laugh. 
Its scary how discretly someone can hide the pain they have locked up inside, and then it all comes bursting out on one awful night when something pushed them over the edge.
I've given this some thought before, but now that it has happened in my own backyard, which I never would have expected... Im scared and shaken and I feel so sorry for all the kids in school today who knew him and will miss him. 

Please keep Ty in your hearts and in your prayers.

He will never be able to see what bright future  may have come for him, and once you realize that... it hurts the most.
I never know if you say things because you mean them,
or because you know that they are exactly what I want to hear.
Just the thought of loosing you is enough to make me cry for hours.
Oh, my darling, what would I ever do without you? 

This isnt very reassuring...
My pathetic reliance on you scares me even more than you do.