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I'm just a girl with some issues.(: My names Amy. I blow the candles out on September 18. GLEEK! I happen to be a serious LAXER.<3 And I'm kinda in love with an auhmazing guy(: It doesnt matter cuz i still wish i had a different life. Blonde? You know it. Crazy? Deffinetly! ICONiac? Hell. Yes. Nick Mara<3 + +

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ICONic Boyz Fact #11
The boys met at Icon Dance Complex

ICONic Boyz Fact #12
The ICONic Boyz were the youngest dance crew to ever dance on Americas Best Dance Crew


"I  have to urinate"

I told you to go before we left!
"Sorry. my bladder didn't pick up the roadtrip memo."



Dear food,
you have two choices,

either go to my boobs or my butt.

thank you.

& i think thats 'him'...





 stop loving you,

is the day that

Spencer finds

a beavcoon




i kinda feel bad for people who spend ages writing a story and get 3 faves while someone posts "YOLO!" and they get 100's

G U M :
The Teenage Currency

They say bad things happen for a reason.

But no wise words gonna stop the bleeding.


Hey, have you seen that clown that hides from ugly people?


No, what clown?




...I hate you.




Kid: you're ugly

Me: my self esteem is at 0% so it's not going to work anymore.