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Yeah im not really on here anymore, im on
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Hey, my name is Amy (i bet your thinking well durr!!)

im 13,
14 on the 16th of december. 

               Im a ninja, NINJAS UNITE!!

I'm British hip hip hooray!!

I love my nephew kade who has a strange obsession with spiderman

i have 4 pets:-
2 dogs- Louie & Lola
1 cat- Spyro
And a magical 
speaking cactus called Pedro
apparently I am random and really happy all the time, and it's not a mask
i like marvel, Harry potter, LOTR, and starwars more then girly films
I <3 Disney films, but my fave are lilo and stitch, Aladdin & treasure planet
Im a single pringle :(
im a little black star (wooooh!!)
i love cake, icecream, chocolate, witty, my friends, my family, all you witty people, oh and reading and writing books!

when people fave my quotes im like:-
I've just realized how stalkery that sounds :/
love you guyss!!


I hate lies and liars.


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Again i loveee youuuu!! xxxx
Amy xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
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Quotes by amylou

the most faves ive had is


but you know what??

i dont care im just happy that

im one of them people that arent 
fake and write what i feel.
im the girl who wears no make up and isnt scared to be goofy infront

 of boys

Yay me!

love asked death;

//why do people love my but hate you?\\

death replied with;

//because you are a beautiful lie\\

//and i am a painful truth\\




Mental. Abuse. 

To. Humans.


Am I the only
on witty who//
is actually

I don't self harm
im not depressed
but how do I help others to learn 

All I can say its
One of the worlds


"I've had it with you and

your emotional


Tantor the elephant

You laugh because I'm


I laugh because your all

the same

I'm not gonna write my story anymore,
Im not sure if anyone is reading it, 
if you are please tell me,
oh it's called wings
Cheers xxx

10 faces for me to continue,
Feel free to leave feedback please!!
Hey, I'm 13 and
am watching the greatest ever movie.....


my quote, I really am I <3 Pokemon!

If what you see by the eye doesnt please you,

then close your eyes and see from the heart

because the heart can see beauty and love

more than the eyes can wonder.


Chapter 5
lorhondas POV.

"My Lord.." i said to god as i gave him my hand to kiss though it was difficult me being in the middle of a curtsy after all!!
"Lor, i would like you to dance with every elligidable suitor in this room angel and demon!" 
He added extra emphises on every and, and.
Off i go, i took a deep  breath, tightend my veil and smiled at the first suitor.
This is goin g to be a looooooong night.

380/385 suitors later..

I really need sleep im starving i have been dancing for 3 hours and my feet are killing, i grap a cupcake and practically collapse in my chair, after ive eaten i danced with three more suitors until there were only Jesus and Maitland left and then God would decide the rest of my exsistance.....Gulp!

Dancing with Jesus was alright but it was emotionless like we were dolls or at least i was, Jesus had eyes that looked like they would burn up he had so much passion inside them. His hand kept trying to work its way down my back but i stood on his toes thank god for high heels.

Maitlands turn......I CANT WAIT!!!

sorry if you dont like my story but i like writing it soooo, anyway i might start notifying people so if you do ( i bet you dont :(..) then comment!!

hope you enjoyed this chapter!!
(sorry its short!)