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The name's Julia (:

I'm your average teenage:
I eat way too much,
I listen to music 24/7,
I hate school and can't wait until summer twenty-ten because it's going to be incredible,
 I love my best friends to death and they're all freaking amazing. Just sayin'...


I play:

softball (pitcher and first base),
soccer (forward),
basketball (center),
volleyball (setter)


-Kenny Loggins
won my softball game! procrastinating now, i like witty more than english homework (:


Quotes by an_amazing_girl144

we were born to run

do i LOOK okay?
[[     yeah, i didn't think so...     ]]
You want to be
something to everyone

I want to be
everything to someone...

&& i don't know why;;
i   can't   take   my   eyes   off   of   you

i love you

thats all there is to say (:
[ ] [ ] [ ] [
] [ ] [ ]

&+ Don't you hate it when...
You look at one of the Top Quotes and say to yourself,

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Did you mean: total player

Ohhh yeah... I did (;

google set-up credit to soleilsweeti

"Ohh, you two are going out now?
That's so cute!"

(Just break up already and save us all from the drama.
We all know that you're only going to last for about two seconds.)

"I'm so happy for you!"

fave if you've done this before (:
i'd like to thank...

the people who asked
"what's wrong?"
when i told them
"i'm okay."