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Okay, I won't be on anymore. I've decided to have a rest from Witty because it is pointless and I need to focus on my school work. I will be changing my password to random letters so I can no longer log on. My facebook is deactivated and my tumblr is deleted so don't ask for them. I'll miss you guys.

Quotes by anch0redships

             youth is like the diamonds in the sun,
             and diamonds are forever


I'll lift you up,
I'll never stop.


         it hurts me to think that youve ever cried

                            I don't care if it hurts
                            I want to have control
                            I want a perfect body
                            I want a perfect soul

              "My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations."
                         - JOHN   GREEN, THE FAULT IN OUR STARS


No amount of loss in your life will ever add up to the accomplishment of waking up everyday and breathing.

revenge loves company,
three makes it a crowd.

so wash your mouth,
sit this one out.


               My babies      have       done it again. They get more                         amazing everyday c:


And I'm down,
down but definitely not out.


   I'll never leave too long,
             I wanna make it clear
       and if you wait for me,