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Okay, I won't be on anymore. I've decided to have a rest from Witty because it is pointless and I need to focus on my school work. I will be changing my password to random letters so I can no longer log on. My facebook is deactivated and my tumblr is deleted so don't ask for them. I'll miss you guys.

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One Directiothings#139

Interviewer: Harry, what's that on your neck? Is it a lovebite?
Louis: I gave him that.



    now that i'm older,

i've seen all the things that i want,

and i'm ready to make my move.


You've got
one thing.

if only we could have this lifeforonemoreday,
if we could only turn back time 


here is nobody else,

                                                                                            i t ' s    g o t t a    b e    y o u                  [x[x[x] 


when you're too in love
to let it go.


Things change.
And friends leave.
And life doesn't stop

for anybody.


  Louis: Have you ever fal len out of bed before?
     Harry: Yes.

  Louis: Describe to me how you fel l out of bed.
     Harry: Uh I fel l . . . Out of bed . . .


My friends are in

  t h e             b a t h r o o m    g e t t i n g              [x[x[x]


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Congrats on winning your Brit One Direction c':