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andmaytheoddsbeeverinyourfavour's Favorite Quotes

I Always See Quotes That Say
"Today at the supermarket I was all dressed in sweats and no make up and a little boy perposed with a candy ring."
Well today at Cosco, I was in gym shorts with my hair up and a little boy growled at me.






I hate this idea that Chuck Norris has super-human powers. He's and actor not a god, people. If he is really that special, I dare him to magically appear in my house right now, sneak up behind me, and slam my face into my own keyboarhg760360b 603c 30sb c7dsrj

"Elf" is acceptable to watch
any time of the year.

A conversation I overheard at a bar

Guy 1:
Hey there.
Guy 2 Hey. What's up?
Guy 1: Nothing much. I just want to say you're really cute.
Guy 2: Thanks dude!
Guy 1: So who are you here with?
Guy 2: Oh my girlfriend just went to the bathroom.
Guy 1: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize you were straight.
Guy 2: It's cool, man.
Guy 1: You don't mind me calling you cute?
Guy 2: Hey, a compliment's a compliment, no matter who it comes from.

when Phineas and Ferb never go to school
because "it's summer"

Monsters Inc 2 is coming out in 2O13 
move out of the way kids,
i've been waiting 1O years for this.
 9 year old in 2012: Short shorts, A&F, Hollister, Tank tops, VS bras and undies, stuffed bra, IPhone, Ipad, Vera Bradly, Died hair, a lot make up, and 500 dollar manicures, Getting drinks and drunks and saying YOLO every 5 seconds.

Me when i was 9: Hannah Montana shirt, high school musical sneakers, jeans, messy hair, and screaming 'Roxie like a puma!!!' every 5 seconds. Getting sugar high on kool-aid.

Here's to the girls

that joined witty, BEFORE One Direction took over.



Hey, Arnold! Do you remember 90's tv shows? They're Kim Possible to forget. Let's take The Magic School Bus to Dexter's Laboratory and listen to All That stuff As Told By Ginger while sitting on The Big Comfy Couch. Then we can take a Recess and tell Dragon Tales while Arthur and Madeline put the Rugrats to sleep. Ed, Edd, 'n' Eddy are Rolie Polie (Olie) while sleeping, but Courage the Cowardly Dog can watch them. Then we can take a walk in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. However, we might get Goosebumps because there are a lot of Little Bears. Luckily, we can always count on Clarissa to Explain It All, and The Power Puff Girls to save the day.


I Want
To Be That Girl
Who Turns Really
Over Summer
All The Boys
Are Like

When They See
Me In School
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