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Quotes by andyy

"Being a teenager and figuring out who you are is hard enough without someone attacking you."


"sit up straight"

no, why can't I sit up gay you close-minded shlt?

Lil Wayne
has confirmed that he is infact going to stop making music. I was unaware that he ever made any music in the first place.

your tattoo says
"only god can judge me",
yet here I am.



aint  i  so  cool.

I'm a hypocrite,
I tell my friends that they have to eat, when I don't.
I tell them that they shouldn't listen to what others say, when I do.
I tell them that they shouldn't cut, when I do.
I tell them that life is worth living, when I've considered ending mine.
I tell them to be happy, when I'm battling depression.
I tell them that I'll never leave, when I know that I probably will.



just an idea:   

Start off 2013 with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen to you through the year. On new years eve, empty it and look back on all of the amazing things that happened that year.                     


before 'yolo' did you seriously
think that you would live twice?

I actually thought I had 9 lives. ;)

which honestly makes sense
since you are a  p u
//s s y .

* apply cold-water to burned area *


I haven't heard anything new from Bruno Mars recently.
I guess he caught the grenade for her..
or overdosed on the morphine
that she left at his door.