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Anyone else show up back here during quarantine after like, six years of real life and what feels like fifteen extra years worth of drama, trauma and anxiety? 

"When looking back no longer interests you, you're doing something right"

But I will admit, looking back can be incredibly hilarious, embarassing and confusing all the f*ck at once 

I missed having a place,
where I could just be a girl
and vent and rant
about a boy who makes me feel

God's NOT Dead
"He's surely alive
Living on the inside
Roaring like a lion"
God's NOT Dead
He's made me alive 
Living for Him
Roaring like a lion 

i know what i should do
to help myself
but right now

i'm slipping back
to just wanting to wallow in my numbness

and the more i write
to try to get it out
the worse it becomes 
I need you
I want you to talk to me
I want you to comfort me
I need to feel
I need... 

I'm going to quit in 2014
Quit beating myself up,
Quit making excuses
Quit putting people before God
Phillipians 4:13
ello new years resolutions
Sometimes, I just need you to SHOW me that you love me
Not just say it
Sometimes, I just need you to hold me, 
Till I don't feel so alone

Me: I love you more

Him: Haha, funny you should say that, my serious present will make sure I win that argument ;)

He got me a pretty sillver bracelet that says "I love you more" over and over all the way around it and he almost made me cry
best christmas ever
When you're getting your period
and everything makes you cry
and you're pissy for no reason
and you just want food  and chocolate
and ugh...

Ijust want to snuggle with my boyfriend
and watch movies
and be cute
food would be nice too
Please and thank you