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angelica28's Favorite Quotes

        sticks & stones may broke my bones;
but names will make me kill myself.
cause in my dreams//
you're the one who keeps me asleep,
on nights where i can care less;
if i ever woke up again

losing the one you love is bad enough. but
losing the one you love to your bestfriend?

now that can kill</3
You know when someone walks into your life,
and half of you says, DANGER: stay in your cave,
your nowhere near ready. and the other half says, 
go for it: make her yours<3

-Remember Me.

"You're the man. Captain of the basketball team, dates pretty girls, high school is your kingdom.
But people, Stan is a bully. Why? It'd be way to easy to say Stan preys on the w e a k     / /
simply because he's a dick.  No.. no...Stan here is  much more  ( c o m p l e x ) than that..
See according to  leading psychiatrists,  Stan is a bully for  o n e  of  t h r e e  reasons    ;
One: underneath all that male   b r a v a d o   there's an i n s e c u r e  little girl just banging
\ \ \           on the closet door trying to get out. Two: like a ( caveman Stan's   b r a i n   is..
underdeveloped, therefore Stan is unable to use self control so he has to act aggressively.

T     h    r    e   e    :

Sta ha small  wiener."
                                                                          -17 Again.

there's   someone   in   her   past;

that  she just hasn't  gotten over  yet. each day is like the last, and she
misses what she can't forget. it's just an empty space where something
used  to  be.  now  she  guards   the   gate,   but   she's   lost   the   key.

no one enters; but no one leaves.

Here's a little story for you 

There was a girl i knew

who once had everything

-An amazing boyfriend
-Parents that still loved eachother
-Good grades in school
-The looks
-All the friends she needed
-Nothing to worry about
-No scars on her arm
-Her heart was together, not a single missing piece
-She could trust anyone
-She always had a smile on her face

she was the girl everyone wanted to be
then one day
it all came crashing down

-Her boyfriend left her
-Parents are getting a divorce
-Dads a drug addict
-Grades started going down
-She stared breaking out
-She kept herself isolated
-Always was upset and stressed
-Has a million scars on her wrist
-Her heart was broken, no pieces could be found
-She lost all trust for everyone
-That smile she always had is long gone
-And the only thing that calms her down
is music

the girl i just told you about, the one i once knew happens to be me.

Your with ---> Her
I'm with ---> Him

Does that mean we both moved on?

Does it mean everything we had is now gone?

Or does it mean we both are still in love with each other even though we'll never admit or show it