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Quotes by angelwhispers

Sometimes my mind wanders other times it leaves completely
Why is it so easy for animals to fall in love and not humans ? That's as question a lot of people ask me and my answer is always the same: dog ,cats,birds, they all are born with the knowledge they need to find their soul mate and humans aren't we only know they r somewhere out there so keep looking
God made the world with a lot of beautiful things for us to see but who has realized that it's the things u can't see that mean more to u
As he was dieing he asked me one last question. Do u believe in angels? Me: not lately And as he slipped away from this world he pulled a feather from his pillow and said Maybe u should! I'll never forget the words that came from my 7year old brothers mouth
Everyone says I'm weird cause I never say goodbye I always say goodnight and let me tell u why Goodnight brings promise that we will see each other tomorrow Goodbye means forever
MAY 7,1996 THE DAY SHE STARTED TO DIE! MAY 7,2013 THE DAY SHE TOOK HER LIFE! Hold on to it family and friends cause u never know when they will finally say goodbye
Some people view it as a graveyard
Some people view it as a prison
I view it as an 
To show the world I'm not afraid