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Hai. I'm Angie. Haven't been on this for a while...
I'm baaack C:

Quotes by angiie_owns_y0uhx3

There's still a tiny bit of bullshit around your lips.

I'm done. I'm not gonna ( care ) about how f r i z z y my [ hair ] is.
I'm not gonna put on eyeliner just to make my eyes look
{ prettier }
I won't try to be
> > happy around you even though I'm PMSing < <
I'm not gonna
[(laugh]) at your jokes even though they aren't funny\
I'm not gonna nonchalantly lock eyes with you hoping you feel it too
I won't care about that ::pimple on my face:: i hope you laugh at me
I'm not gonna [ t _ e _ x _ t _ y _ o _ u _ ] first its
your turn --------->
Don't expect me to -
x-smile-x- at you, because your full of yourself.
-- > >I won't  { c - a - r - e} about you flirting with anybody else < < --
I'm just gonna forget you. I don't need you. i don't want you . xxx
I don't love you anymore


Do I have to spell it out,
|scream it in your face?|

can destroy this place

sorry it came out bad!
didnt make a quote for a while now .

"When You're A Little Girl You Believe In Fairytales
and you say your going to find Prince Charming and
he's going to be everything you want him to be.
In fairytales, the bad guy is easy to spot. He's
always wearing a black cape. Then you grow up.
You find out that Prince Charming isnt as easy to
find as you thought. The bad guy, isn't wearing a
black cape. He's really cute and he makes you laugh

- Taylor Swift

she [gave] up, boy
she's   just    gonna   walk   a  w  a  y   ,  she'll   pass   you  in 
the  hallway  like  your  complete   -strangers-    >    >     >    > 
            just like you want it </3

Let's play truth or dare * ,
and if you say dare, i'll dare you to tell me the truth for once </3

idk vent?

* I don't know
if i love you ,    hate you ,   want you,   or need you x
but  i  do  know  that  i  hate  the  feeling  I  get   xo __
when     x     I'm      x     not      x     with    x    you </3

minee (:

You know boy , *
: she really did love you , more than anyone
: else in this world. but you had your chance
` - - - - - - - > > > &+_  you broke her heart</3

minee <3

When a
ll of you talk about me,
I sit back and relax and think
to myself :
"Damn, I got a fan club" (:

fade - SweetSummerFadesx3 ! 
^^ Nice fades check em outt! 

And she wonders * 
_ which part of her isn't quite [good enough] ? _ </3

all minee<3!