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Quotes by animallovers46

Nerd Girl Problems #8:
Pictures of girls on Instagram wearing 3D glasses with the lens punched out and they caption it, "I'm such a nerd!"
Nerd Girl Problems #7
The hole in your chest when you finish reading a book series. 
Nerd Girl Problems #6
When a book is made into a movie and they reprint the book with the movie poster as it's cover. 
Nerd Girl Problems #5
Having to put a good book down to do things like eat, or sleep.
Nerd Girl Problems #4:
When you love a song so much, you want to examine the metaphorical meaning.
Nerd Girl Problems #3:
That unexplainable crush you have on fictional characters.
I may not be the fastest runner, but at least I run faster than internet explorer.
Nerd Girl Problems #2:
When the movie is different than the book, and everyone loves the movie.
Nerd Girl Problem #1:
Pronouncing a word wrong because you've read it a million times, but never actually heard it spoken.
Aerophobia-The fear of swallowing air