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Nerd Girl Problems #8:
Pictures of girls on Instagram wearing 3D glasses with the lens punched out and they caption it, "I'm such a nerd!"
When you meet an old friend and promise to hang out soon, it never happens.
Dear life,
When I said, "can my day get any worse," it was a rhetorical question, not a challenge.
Of course you're allowed to have other friends, you just have to like me more.
You just p!ssed off a lot of people who run faster than you and never give up. Real smaht.

Pray for Boston.

My mom: Come on, we're leaving!
Me: *Gets ready in 2.5 seconds*
My mom: *Does the laundry, washes dishes, cleans the house, drives to China, delivers 20 babies, cures cancer, watches a 2 hour movie, feeds starving children, helps and old lady cross the road, defeats Chuck Norris*
My mom: Okay, lets go.
Me: Meh ah gah er uh buh derp

Pray for Boston
because we have one messed up world.
*Math Class Doing Problems On The Board*
Teacher: Alright.. now let's go over problem 69.
Teacher: Where's 69?
Teacher: I'm serious.. who did 69.
Teacher: I assigned 69 to someone.. now come on.
Teacher: Fine if no one will do it, I'll do 69 myself.
Students: *Silently Dying Inside*

Calling someone on the phone
is more stressful than open heart surgery.

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