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The name is Z for now....
I'm 15, I put the fun in funeral, I put the laughter in manslaughter, I put the hot in psychotic. I wouldnt say Im average, I dont like fitting in. I love helping people! I may not have anything to say but Ill always listen! I have alot of hobbies, most of which are rather strange. I care too wayyy too much about things that sont really matter. I really like food....i mean its my life. Yeah .-. I love my friends and my boyfriend more than anything in the world. I intend to travel the world someday, I want to go to Bali and Sydney most though. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies <3 <3 <3
Some of the music I listen to:
Black Veil Brides
We the Kings
Suicide Slience
Rodney Atkins
Johnny Cash
To Be Juliet's Secret
Avion Roe
Breaking Benjamin
Brad Paisley
Sex Pistols
Jimmy Eat World
Marina and the Diamonds
The Naked and Famous
The list goes on.....


Quotes by animegrl802

This school year is gonna blow. :'(
I put the fun in funeral,

I put the laughter in manslaughter,

I put the hot in psychotic.
What color is his hair?:  Black
Braces: no
Glasses: noooo
Abs: lol hes too thin for that
Height: like 6 2 maybe 6 4
How did you meet him: concert
How long have you known him: a few months?

Does he play any sports: does music count?
Can he play the guitar: he plays the vocal cords
What about any other music instrument: HE PLAYS THE VOCAL CHORDS
Do you guys ever text: no :C
Describe something he would wear on a typical day: he wears black ahella lot
What's your favorite thing you've seen him wear: umumumum DONT MAKE ME CHOOSE
Least favorite thing: his voice n smile
Do your friends know that you like him: YES
Do your parents know him?: ummmm kinda? maybe?
Do you think they would like him if you were dating him?: NO

Do you know him properly?: ummmmm no,
Have you met his parents: ive seen them
What would you do if he saw your witty: "DONT LOOK AT IT."
It's the second day of school,
and I'm already so done.


"The funny thing is, everything I ever wanted,
I already had .

                                                                              There's glimpses of heaven in every day .


In the friends that I have,
the music I make,
and the love that I feel."


                                                                                                    -Oli Sykes

There's absolutely no one in the world that can tell you that you can't do something.
You're the only person who can set that limitation. 
                                                                   -Andy Biersack
It's funny how the right song can change everything you're feeling no matter what it is every time <3
Keep fighting. It will get better.