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ok i need help like now! there is this guy and if u rlly wnna know il post the whole story but its long so i need to get him to txt me bak...shoud i ask him a question or something??? and if i should wat should i say...and if ur a guy feel free to help plz! <3
i cant copy and paste so this is in turn of it lol
Hey witty girls,
 My boyfriend sent this :-* to me im prtty sure its the kiss face jw plz comment and help its much appreciated :) <3
If anyone ever needs help or just a boost in the right direction i am always here to help :) I try rlly hard to help and usually have a great effect on ppl plz comment with any questions or if u just wanna talk :)))) <333
Im a Freshman and I got a date for prom :)))) My best friend is gunna bring me.....He is the sweetest, most caring, loving guy i know and hes funny just to add to his awesomeness <3
My Aunt told me that my 5 year old cousin had her friend over and my cousin showed her a picture of me and her friend said.....
wow...... shes pretty
 That TOTALLY made my day :)
I <3 my cousin and her friends

I took the liberty of reserving the room with the water bed for me and Gloria.

Gloria- OHHH ur gunna do the backstroak tonight

i wanna fo swimming with u guys tonight

gloria- oh honey we arent rlly going swimming..... what i ment was

she doesnt need to know what u meen im not even sure i know what u meen 

i know what she meens.....barf

why does the grandma get to go swimming and i dont???

- grown ups


I've seen EVERYONE I know at Wegmans
I need a guy soooo bad!!! <3
I <3 Kelshwn but he is so confusing..... he asked me out on a date but i couldnt go because i was babysitting so wen i asked him to go he said no ..... but he hugged me today and it was long and tight also he said he <3 so confused.....helppp comment plz