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my sister babysits the godchild of pete wentz c Y A
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cross my heart and hope to die,
b  u  r  n    m  y    l  u  n g  s   and  curse my eyes,
i've lost control and   i don't want it back.

I've got real big plans and
h d s.

Keep me n  m  y t  o  e  s,
Keep me n  e  w.


cool things from the concert last night:
- we could see backstage and i saw everybody who was performing before their set time (((vic fuentes is a cutie 
when he thinks no one is looking)))
- i saw adam elmakias doing the photography thing irl 
- jack barakat made eye contact with me twice and smiled at me we're getting married you're all invited
- i met and took selfies with neil westfall during the acoustic part of adtr's set ??????? !!! i
- jeremy mckinnon pointed to me and grinned and my heart melted

and last and certainly the greatest:
- we went to the tour buses after the show and i spoke to flyzik and he was mean and disapproving to me it was 

♡♡if u make a wake me up when september ends joke i'll cut u♡♡

We're never gonna be 
th sam again,
Bury    me     I'm    not 
o r  d.

tyler oakley replied to my tumblr post
my original post
that was just a stupid thing i noticed
he knows i exist
i'm wow

i'm actually crying rn good bye


l .l   r   y,
I don't want anything in between.

Wow so fun story time.
I was in Algebra Honors and we had to read facts about other people out loud and they had to read the facts about ourselves.
After my bud Maddy rattled off like 600 of my favorite bands, my new math teacher was like,
             "Sounds like you like a lot of pop punk? I was in a pop punk phase too, not so long ago,"
and I was like,
             "IT'S NOT JUST A PHASE MOM,"
and about 3 people laughed at that and I think that sums up my first day back pretty well.