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"You all laugh because i'm different.
I laugh because you're all the same."

Hey there beautiful! I'm Anna.
I live in the smallest, most pathetic, little town in upstate New York. Just like some of you witty inhabitants, I don't really have much of a life. But I do count my lucky stars for the little life I do have. I'm super duper insecure. i hate my nose, my body, my freckles, the way my hair will never live up to everyone else's... The only thing I do like is my eyes.

I'm not really a huge 1D fan, but I do respect all your opinions.

I can be weirdly bipolar.
For example:
Somedays i'm like: "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL! Unicorns and kittens barfing rainbows! YAY!"
And other days i'm always thinking "F/ck you. And you. And you. My life is f/cken horrible. Just f/ck it."
You have been warned

If you have journeyed down my silly little page here you may have noticed I'm very random with some of my quotes.
Also, my page is not all fancy. Please ignore that.


I'm a ginger
WAIT! Swallow your vomit and consider this,
YES people like me.
NO i don't take what you say offensively.
YES i have a life and soul. 
NO i am not interested in "stealing" yours.
YES i believe in god and go to church.
NO i am not a vampire nor will i ever find your blood appetizing.
Thanks for asking everyone.
I have already been hurt enough because my hair color is different.

Get to know me before you judge. I'm a nice person to talk to.

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| Willow trees | Oversized sweaters | Holister | Floral shirts | Infinity signs | Food | Wifi |
| The smell of a new book | Books | Crank | Ellen Hopkins | My family | My friends | My best friends |
| Ansel Adams | Purple | Food |
| Not color coded/ not matching clothes | Chipped nail polish | Liers | Exaggerators | Backstabbers | School | Drama | Facebook drama | Bullies | Complainers | Fakes | Heights | Crowded buses |
| SPIDERS | Spiderwebs | a messy room | My hair | My face | My smile |
| People who stop texting you randomly | My childhood | My addictions | Cutting | Anorexia | ect.. |

So.. yeah. :)

Yes, I tend to swear... a lot. So if you're of the younger generation then I would suggest you don't read some of my quotes. It may taint your majestic little minds.

Don't like my music? Pause it.
Don't like my quotes? Don't read them.
Don't like me? Then leave. :)

I have a low tolerance for idiocy.

Well I think I have wasted enough of your lovely lives.
(If you even read that whole thing, I love you.)
Thanks for your visit and feel free to take a look at my quotes!

Follow me and I ALWAYS follow back.
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Quotes by annalove26

Me: Exercise

Me: Exercis
Me: Exerci
Me: Exerc
Me: Exer
Me: Exe
Me: Ex

Me: Extra fries
And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane
by those who could not hear the music.
                                ❀                  ❀                
❀                  ❀                ❀                 

must   ❀             
dirt❀           ❀                 
❀          ❀               ❀                
I exercised once but found I am allergic to it.
My skin flushed and my heart raced.
I got sweaty and short of breath.
Very dangerous. 
I do not recommend.


Ice cream truck: "Oh, you're on a diet?

I got rid of my boyfriend.
My cat was allergic.





Past is a good
place to visit,
but certinly not a good
place to stay.






My potatoes bring all the Irish to the yard
And they're like,
"That famine was hard"
Damn right, that famine was hard!
I could feed you, but you'll have to starve.

I just met you.

And this is
but here's 4 candies,

You go

Glen Coco

Step 1: Buy a sheep.

Step 2: Name sheep "Relation."

You now have a relationsheep.