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Snooki: You don't deserve to be here Angelina and you're a f**king white rat and your f**king pale and you're nasty.
Angelina: Yeah okay and you're too tan, it's disgusting.
Snooki: I am tan! And I like being tan, b*tch!

Ahh, Snooki... we all think Angelina should go... ;)


That awkward moment when...  
Your boyfriend doesn't catch a grenade for ya
sry if its on here

Hmm this text sounds a little harsh.
I'ljusadd smiley facat the end.

Its a Big,free World.
Go get lost in it. <3

All mine-tinytotskel xx
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Realizing it's the last day of Christmas break
and you still haven't done any of your homework
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Guys Suck
Let's all go lesbian

LOL J/K i couldn't live without