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and im blushing all the way home, wondering if you know.. i was enchanted to meet you;*
the names anna, but people call me anner;p i blow out the candles on december 9th. taaken;* curently obsesssed with kid cudi and TheReadySet<3 im a winter baby but i LOVE the summer. the beach is my home away from home when summer comes. i like writing and drawing and i love to sing. i'd be nothing without my family, their amazing<3 dont be a stranger message me;*
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reeses. beach. music. friends. family. my bestfriends. him<3 and moree;*

screamo. hights. DRAMA. fake people. wannabe's. and more;D

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i hope you get your period
in a shark tank, b*tch.;D
i never realized how much i've changed untill i looked back at old pictures...

when the smile on my face was actually real*
my hero doesnt wear a fancy costume or a cape..
   he wears a dog tag. iloveyouubigbrother<3

~support our troops*
im just young&+reckless, what can i saay;D*
Once there was an ugly barnacle. it was soo ugly, that everyone died. the end!

*~ sinngle girll swaag♥;D ~*

haters are like ants, yeah there everywhere, but they're more afraid of you than you should be of them..
i am who i am and your approval isn't needed.

when i get quiet all the sudden,
that's when you know theres a million things going through my head