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iloveyouuuuu (:

Quotes by annaxbeenana

what if i fall along the way?
would you be there to ease the pain?

-white tie affair
ice ice melt your heart <3
baby girl the time you've got
rush rush for that touch
just one taste can't get enough

-white tie affair

The tables have turned, and i've finally learned;
That this is making up for every day i was gone <3

akon, keep you much longer

now take my hand and we will run away <3

-the cab-
when i see you,
i run out of words to say

beautiful by akon <3
best song everrr
Cause your so beautiful,
so damn beautiful <3

-beautiful by akon <333
best song everrrr!

all the time you felt so free ,
did you forget how much y
ou once loved me?
all the million mistakes, the kicks
in the face.
it hurts so bad, missing you </3

you change your mind like a girl changes clothes.