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Quotes by annaxbeenana

all my mistakes have lead me up to this, up to you, & if i could go back and change  it all,  i   w o u l d n ' t.  <3
move, shake, drop <3
let me break the ice.
she b r o k e d o w n
staying strong for so long
took a toll on her
she did the thing she never wanted to do
she gave up
and and she decided
that it wasnt meant to be
so she might as well find
s o m e o n e . e l s e
so was it you that missed out ?
or her ?
i love that feeling you give me. *
we all know you can wear make-up,
so show your R E A L self,
or is it all fake?
she's done waiting,
boy, you missed your chance,
she's moved on.
they may be fly
but once they fall;
they cant get up.
dont make her wait for you;
just because you
k n o w . s h e . w i l l .