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Annie ;)
im 14, living in Australia & i love it! cant go a day without wittyprofiles its my drug ;p my quotes are pretty much just about what im feeling, i hope you like them ;D

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Quotes by anniieeexO

Three years ago i made my last quote about finding a guy thats worth my time.
Well i found him.
Now he's moving away.


 Let The Rain Pour Down
So her tears will be..

      was the horrible day i had been dreading.
                          after he broke up with me months ago.
                               one year ago exactly from today,
                                                  we first started going out.
                           but the funny thing is.
                                  while i was thinking about it flat out today
                          saying to myself, to him its just a normal day,
                                                    trying so hard to hide the p a i n 
               he wouldnt of given it,
                                      two thoughts.


       i didnt use any colour because really for me there is no happiness in this quote. credit ;x
   *Boy walks over to girl holding his head*

Girl: Are you okay?
Boy: Yeah, my heads just a little sore.
Girl: Really, what from?
     Boy: From you running through it all day long <3

                Boy, my lips are skittles;
                                   wanna taste the rainbow? 
a drop in the ocean,

a change in the weather 
i was praying that you and me
 might end up together.
& boy;
  you wernt my world. 
  you didnt crush my heart when you broke up with me.
  i didnt shed one tear for you.
  i DONT love you i NEVER did.

    but boy;    
 i hope you know im lying.


and once again, i sit there all day long
just hoping and wishing
my phone will go off

just so i can get that a m a z i n g feeling
when i see his name come up on the screen.

 I could hold a million guys hands
and it still wouldnt mean as much as holding