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Annie ;)
im 14, living in Australia & i love it! cant go a day without wittyprofiles its my drug ;p my quotes are pretty much just about what im feeling, i hope you like them ;D

check out her quotes,rate her and follow her cause shes one cool chick ;) BFFL ;x

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Quotes by anniieeexO

ive lost my bestfriend for good.

i hate highschool.

Do you think he knows ?

that its his fault i cant trust another guy
because i dont want to get hurt again?

that i still wish things would of worked out?

that ive moved on, but i still seem to think
about him way dam too much?

that when he looks at me it brings back those

that i think i wasted 6 months of my life with
him, but then again i treasured those 6 months?

yeah he wont ever know..

                                 at the
Rock pool

do you hate me?
it seems like it..

but i wanna let you know..

all the memorys we had, i will never forget them
all the talks on the phone we had, ill never forget them
all the sleepovers we had, i will never forget them




yeah ive moved on boy..

                       [ in that ] 

scream it to the world kind of way

2009 has only just started..

 and im already..

over it
you only broke up with her right?

no big deal?

yeah you only smashed her heart into a million pieces?

boy think about it,

you destroyed her </3

to the one who b r o k e me,

everyone thinks im over it, over [you]..
because i seem.. happy.
but the truth is, ive been kidding myself
im not over it, im not over you
[and] that smile i have.. its fake.

have a good valentines day
i wont..


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