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Annie ;)
im 14, living in Australia & i love it! cant go a day without wittyprofiles its my drug ;p my quotes are pretty much just about what im feeling, i hope you like them ;D

check out her quotes,rate her and follow her cause shes one cool chick ;) BFFL ;x

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anniieeexO's Favorite Quotes

You  did  so  much  to  get  me  to  like  you.
&   it  finally  worked.
I  fell  for  you;
And  you  walked  away.

T n        b  e t  w e         t w o    //
         W H O   W O U L D   Y O U   C H O S E?            
the one who you love?
               O R   T H E   O N E   T H A T   L O V E S   Y O U ?
part of me knows i need to
move  on.  part of me thinks there's still a chance.  part of me
hates you.  part of me loves you.  part of me wants to hit you
across  the  face.  part of  me  wants  to be  held tight  in  your
arms.  part  of me  thinks you  can change.  part  of me knows
you'll always be the same.  part of me doesnt want to tell you
a thing.  part of me wants to  tell you exactly how I feel.  part
of me wants to cry when I see your face.  part of me wants to
smile  cause that's the face I fell for.  part of me  thinks every
beautiful word out of your mouth is a lie. part of me believes
your  every word  because it's  exactly what  I want  to  hear.







you   have   ever   gotten   your   heart   broken.

<div style="background-color: purple;"> The first time is the last

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 Let The Rain Pour Down
So her tears will be..

Its a person sideways =D
should shoot himself with his own damned arrow
just so  he can see how much love hurts

And She Got The Text,
from her boyfreind of 3 years saying " It's over "
she turned off her phone. got her old shoes on,
hair down, pajama pants on, and old sweat shirt.
and went for a walk in the rain. she couldnt belive
what just happend. she didnt want to tell her friends,
because nothing at that point could make her feel better.
it was thundering and lightning out, and all she could
think of was him, and why he did it. she walked for about
an hour. all over town. while her boyfriend was slapping
his friend because it was all a joke. his friend sent it.
he tried to call over 20 times, but her phone was off.
he was walking all over town looking for her. until he found
her sitting on a curb, crying her eyes out. he said he was sorry
and his friend sent it. " i love you with all my heart,
i would never mean to hurt you, the only thing
that i could hurt you, is be holdind your hand to tight,
or giving you a big hug. hes a jerk, and im sorry.
please forgive me" he said. she got up, tried her
tears, and said " kiss me " and at that moment,
all she could think about was " i wanna be
with him forever "
This Is True Love

these are all mine. i make
them up, cuz i think there cute.
and i have nothing else to do.
should i keep doing them?