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Quotes by anonomously

I like my
music loud

do not judge someone because

they are



i Just found out that my ex-boyfriend
had a witty account that he was using while we were
going out
only now do i realise how he felt during and after
our relationship
Stop romanticizing things that hurt
i will continuesly bring that knife to my wrist or my hip or my leg. that mean thing you said at school that you thought was hilarious isn't funny. that time you pushed me down infront of everyone just to get a cheap laugh wasn't worth it. you think i'm doing it just so people will notice me, you think i am doing it for attention, you think i want people to feel sympathy for me, you think i want people to feel sorry for me and ask me if i'm ok. looks like im the first to tell you that there are better ways to get attention.                                                    -anonomously


Girlfriend: if you could rearange the alphabet would you put you and i together
Boyfriend: know it would stay the same because i'm having an afair with t and v

When Sharpeners
Were Just For

This Is my escape


A - Available? Yes.
B - Birthday? Aug. 26
C - Crushing on? a very special boy in my year level
D - Drink you last had? water
E - Easiest person to talk to? Boy:funnygirl2 (she prefers boy) Girl: my mum c:
F - Favorite song? did you hear the rain by george ezra
G - Gummy bears or gummy worms? gummy bears
H - Hometown? not gonna say sorry
I - In love with? afraid so
J - Jealous of? people who have will power
K - Killed someone? no comment
L - Longest car ride? Like.. 18 hours.
M - Milkshake flavor? STRAWBERRY
N - Number of siblings? 3
O - One wish? for somebody to like me for me (ehh the cliche is killing me)
P - Person you texted last? my manager
Q - Question you are always asked? "What's wrong?"
R - Reason to smile? we got internet at my house resently
S - Song you last listened to? let her go by passenger
T - Time you woke up? 5:45 am
U - Underwear color? Blue and pink but like zumba blue and pink
V - Violent moment you had? I've had a few.
W - Worst habit? Biting my dang nails.
X - X-rays you had? left hand (i was stabbed) and lungs ( i had numonia when i was four(don't comment on spelling))
Y - Yoyos are? one thing i've never had
Z - Zodiac sign? virgo

Dear him
 I miss.
more than anything

From her
We know it's never simple
        never easy.