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Hello love,
My name’s Megan.
I’m 15 years young and live in Illinois.
I Love Him ♥
♥ ♥ ♥

Quotes by anonymouslover_

I'm in love with you.

No one wants us together.

I try so hard to help you.
I really do.
But I just don't know how.
I'm sorry I'm not there as much as I should be.


If I could give you my mind,
I would.


Your gonna miss me by my hair,
Your gonna miss me everywhere,
Oh I know your gonna miss me when I'm gone.


I hear what you're saying,
but you don't get how I feel.


I don't care if we just sit there the whole time,
just being with you is the best.


I honestly think you're really cute.


Oh hey there Maxwell :)

If I treated you the same way  you treat me,
you would h a t e me.