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Quotes by anorexicwhorex3

i'm standing outside in the pouring rain
i drop to knees & scream your name, up at
the dark cloudy sky. still screaming my lungs
out for you, i'l say anything that comes to mind
you told me you loved me , but i guess that you
lied. like all of those other times baby. but now
its my turn to say waht i have to say. & to tell
you all the pretty lies that you told me. so here
it is . these are mylies. it all startswith a simple
goodbye </3
baby i know that we're
staring at the same night
sky hopeing & praying that
one day fate willbring us
back together again <3
il be your <I>punk rock princess</i>,
if you'll be my <B>garage band king</b> <333
love is like a role we play

make "role we play" in bold
i sit here painting a beautiful
picture of what you've done to me
but there is a little twist .....
the paintbrush is a knife &
the paper is my wrist <|3
i sit here my head on the phone'
'thinking of you untill it hurts
'i know you hurt too, but what
else can i do
i wish i could carry your smile
in my heart, because it would '
make me belive what tomorrow *
would bring when today doesent reall know

Edits --
the words TORMENTED & TORN APART .. make bigger than the rest
so come on baby kiss me
then lead me on because
you're so good at pretending
& im so good at beliveing &
then your soo good at leaving<|3
you stare at me everyday,
i miss you in every way..
but your the one who left
so why are you so depressed?
Life is an ugly awful place, not to have a bestfriend
im hiding my tears so you cant see,
ooh baby what you do to me
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