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About Me?

Im Hope and nothing ever goes right.
I keep a lot inside.
I hate people.
I love writing.
I love school.
I hate my family.
I dont know my dad and my mom basically left me. 
I have four siblings, three of which I raised.
Music is my escape.
Cassie Wills, Shane Parks, Kylie Murray, Emily Peters, AJ Searfoss.
People I call friends.
Then there is DJ.. I could go on and on about this boy, but in all reality, I wont. I wrote him a letter, and I hope he sees it ---> 
He goes on my witty sometimes.
Hes really amazing.
I.. I love him,
And I miss him.
He was / is my best friend
Love Lee; Society Killed Him<3
I hate bullying.
Fighting cancer.
Going to make someone proud.
Aspiring author.
Live with my grandparents.

Comment.. I dont bite.. Too hard :3

Dear DJ.
I miss you. I don't know if you're going to come and see my witty any more

but if you do, this is for you. I can't really believe this. That we went from the
best of friends, to almost strangers, in a matter of just a couple hours. That
you went from the one guy I could trust, tell everything to, run to, to the guy 
that I don't know anymore. You changed. I don't know why or how or even when,
but you changed. I don't like it. I find it weird. I tell you everything, if something is
wrong or something is bothering me, I run to you. And I thought you could and did
the same. It scares me. You were and are my best friend. I love you to death. I cant
imagine life without you, but I guess Im going to have to. Im not sure how Im going
to do it, but I'm going to. I have to. I want to do everything to be perfect for you, And
So, This.. It's hard, but Ill do it. I'll let you go and pray you come back. I don't know
who said what to you, but just know I didn't send them too you. I would never do that
to you. EVER. I love you. I miss you already, and have cried the past few nights. I tried
to brace my self for this, because I knew that nobody ever stayed. I guess I didnt though.
DJ, if you're reading this.. I'm so sorry. Im always going to be here waiting, But Im really 
hurt. And betrayed. I miss you. Alot.. 72 cats, remember? I miss you.
Take care, Be safe, and remember me,

Love, Hope.

So after all of that.. We're ending with goodbye?!! Scrolling

Quotes by anotherBrokenheart

there was a time.. i trusted you..

Do you think of me?
When you see a cat?
When you think of a princess.
When you see my name,
Do you think of me
And everything we were.
Though it wasn't much.
To me it was.
Best friends isn't a label.
It's a promise.
Do you think of me?
I sure as hel| think of you 

Even though when someone asked me
"Do you think of him"
I said no. That was a lie.
I miss you. I think of you every day.
Do you think of me?


I stop to question myself..
Is it you I miss, or the things you used to say?


I never wanted to lose you. I never wanted to cry over you. I never wanted my quotes to be about you, in the bad way. I always wanted to be your friend. Your best friend. Ill never forget you.. maybe you didn't change, maybe I did.. all i know is its killing me to see you gone. But, if it makes you happy.. Ill.. Ill deal with it. I only want you to be happy.

Never going to press send.

You used to care about me.

What happened?  Did I do something? Did I break you?

I want to know if I ever hurt you.

Tell me.. You used to care about me..

What happened?


Don'GeMe Wrong;
   I   e     but  i don't really know you any more
and how can you possibly be in love with a stranger? 
you don't think you've changed, but in all reality..
nobody even knows you 


the way you dropped me makes me wonder..
did you ever care?

you let me fall, and stared at me on the ground.
but i was expecting this the whole time

I should be ignoring him but his status made me LOL

"I'm going to put on a shirt that says Life and hand out lemons"