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Crazy Beautful Life
Alexa's POV/Chapter 1

"Remember the summer?", my best friend Paige asked, laying on my bed as we were getting ready for a football game. As soon as the word "summer" came out of her mouth, I was instantly brought back to California, where she and I spent the last month of summer, together. Our families are extremely close, and we rented a house there together for the entire month of August. As soon as our plane landed, Paige and I were at the beach, already hitting the waves. Although we may be from New York, California is where our hearts are. I remember that first day like it was yesterday. We got to the house, thew our bags in the room we'd be sharing, put our bikinis on and literally ran to the beach, which would be our back yard for the next month. We interlocked fingers once our feet hit the sand, and ran into the water, crashing into a wave together. Once we emerged from going under, we started laughing and grabbed hands again, spinning each other in the water. We honestly probably looked like a lesbian couple, but we didn't care. We went deeper into the water, and Paige started freaking about something she claimed she saw in the water. She jumped on my back and started screaming, which caused me to scream as well, until two guys paddled over to us on their surf boards. As soon as Paige saw them, she flew onto one of their boards, and I did the same on the other guys'. They laughed and the four of us sat there in the middle of the ocean, talking and getting to know each other. Noah and Kyle became our best friends there.
We all instantly clicked, and the four of us hung out every day and night for a month, tanning, surfing, swimming, shopping, eating, and, my favorite, partying. When we had to leave, they came to the airport with us, where Paige and I were in tears the entire time. Paige had grown close with Kyle, and I had grown close with Noah, so we stood there, hugging our Cali boys and crying, knowing we'd miss them like crazy. It made us think about how when we left New York a month earlier, and our best guy friends since birth, Dan and Matt, had seen us off. It's October now though, but we still talk to Kyle and Noah every day, texting, talking on the phone, and skyping. Still, we miss them, they were like our brothers, as are Dan and Matt.
I knew Paige was thinking exactly what I was, since she had been quiet for the past 5 minutes..and trust me, she is NEVER quiet.
"Ugh, I miss them," she said, coming out of her thoughts finally.
"Me too, but we gotta finish getting ready and go to the game, Matt just texted me asking where we were."
"Fine," she sighed, getting up and putting her UGGs on. I threw mine on too, grabbing my favorite Juicy zip up and running a hand through my long straight brown hair. I grabbed my keys and Paige and I got into my brand new Honda Civic, driving to the game, but both of us were unusually quiet, which meant both our minds were still back in California with Kyle and Noah.
Once we got to the game, we found Dan and Matt, standing with a few of our other close guy friends, talking about a party.
"Yeah it's at my cousin's house, he just moved up here, but his parents are stuck in San Diego until tomorrow night," Tyler was saying.
"Wait your cousin that's come up here before?", Dan asked.
"Yeah you guys have met hm and his best friend, he just moved up here too, and he's with my cousin, his parents are with my aunt and uncle in San Diego though too."
"Sick they're mad chill."
"Um..did you guys say party?", Paige asked, raising her eye brows at me and putting at arm around Tyler.
"Why yes, yes we did, you two will be joining, am I right?"
"Is the sky blue?"
"That's what I like to hear. Hey Lex, you think you can beat your record tonight and show my cousin and his friend how our New York girls party?", Ty asked me.
"Most definitely," I said winking. Paige andI had a lot of guy friends, and these guy friends liked to party..and drink. Paige and I also enjoyed doing these things, and we were pretty freaking good at it if I do say so myself. My "record" would be 20 beers in one night, in case you were wondering. While in California, Paige and I always limited ourselves, probably to about 5 beers each, we didn't want to do anything stupid. But we were back in New York, and these were our boys, so of course we're going hard. This night definitely just got about 10 times better.


Don't Give Up On Me Baby
Chapter 1

"Jeez Paige where have you been? Let's go.", my 14 year old brother Sean asked as I got into my car.
"Well hello to you too, my day was great, how was yours?"
"Paige you aren't funny. Come on let's just go home."
"Yeeesh, what crawled up your butt? Has he been like this all day?", I asked my younger sister Sara, Sean's brother, who was sitting in the back with her best friend Jenna.
"Pretty much," Sara said, with Jenna nodding in agreement.
"Oh my gosh you're all so annoying. Put the car in drive and let's go."
"Not until you tell me what the heck is wrong!", I said, putting my car in park.
"Nothing is wrong I just wanna go home, I have plans later and need to get ready!!"
"Wait, plans, like, with a girl??"
"Yeah and Tyler and his girlfriend."
"Aww da baby brother is goin on a date!!", I said giggling, putting the car in drive again.
"At least I have a life..unlike others," he said, looking back at Sara and Jenna.
"Um we have lives, Chris and Mike are coming over tonight!"
"Ooh popular. And what about you Paige, what are your cool plans tonight?"
"I'm going out with Skylar obvi..oh shoot, I have to pick her up on the way home and we have to stop to go tanning real quick."
"PAIGE I NEED TO GO HOME!!" I ignored him and drove to my best friends house.
"Where do you and Sky always go?"
"Matt's lakehouse, usually. Sometimes Kyle's, and other times Ryan's house when his parents aren't home."
"Wait..Matt Evans? His lakehouse? You go there every weekend?"
"Yes.." Sara and Jenna began squealing, Sean covered his ears and I would have too if I wasn't driving.
"What the heck?", Sean asked, irritated, once they were done.
"He is SO hot. Oh my gosh..and like, everyone talks about his parties. They're like, supposed to be the coolest ones ever. You go to them Paige?"
"He's been my best friend for yes."
"Paige oh my gosh can we come? Is there one tonight? Can we please come Paige?"
"Dude that'd be sick..yo Paige will you bring me and Tyler too?"
"Please Paige oh my gosh."
"Hahaha you guys are too cute."
"You're freshman. I'm a junior. Juniors and seniors go to Matt's parties. Older boys. That's all the parties are. It's like a bunch of senior and junior guys and then me, Sky, and sometimes Katie and Julie."
"So everyone gets high as the sky and so drunk they can't remember their own guys are not ready for that. At all."
"Paige why not you and Skylar went to parties when you were both freshmen!"
"Yeah but we were really good friends with the juniors and they liked don't know any of these guys."
"PAIGE PLEASE?", they all started screaming. I slammed on my breaks in front of Sky's house and honked my horn exactly 8 times so she would know it's me. I needed her for this decision, it was too big for me to handle on my own.

you:[3:25]; heyy

him:[3:31]; hey!
*dammit, he took 6 minutes to respond/: ....i'll show him.*
you:[3:34]; what's up?
*ha. i waited 3 whole minutes to respond. can you say hard to get?(;*
My sister is 11.
She has a cell phone, IPod touch, wears skinny jeans, Uggs, and her Northface everyday.
When I was 11, I had a jump rope.. 

Love is like a period.
It comes at different times for different people.
And there's no way you can stop it from happening.


I know its getting harder
with every day that hes not there
but you've got to remember
that I will always have open ears.


  She's over you.
Look what you did. You lost the girl who would
do anything to be yours. You kept her waiting
far too long. You were her everything. She loved
you. She thought you'd be different. But you were
...just the same as any other guy in her life.
Tell me boy, how does it feel?
To lose at your own game? /// ♥