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f**k what I said
It don't mean sh*t now.
f**k the presents
might as well throw em out.
f**k all those kisses
they didn't mean jack.
f**k you
I don't want you back.

T a y l o r   S w i f t  s a i d, "When I was a little girl I used to read fairy tales. In fairy tales you meet Prince Charming and he's everything you ever wanted. In fairy tales the bad guy is very easy to spot. The bad guy is always wearing a black cape so you always know who he is. Then you grow up and you realize that Prince Charming is not as easy to find as you thought. You realize the bad guy is not wearing a black cape and he's not easy to spot; he's really funny, and he makes you laugh, and he has perfect hair."
I'm going to
Like nothings wrong
Talk like everythings
Act like it's just a
Like he's not hurting me. 

 The feeling I get when I'm with you
  is the exact reason why I never gave up when everyone else said  s t o p  trying .

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My Fairytale

Chapter 4


I couldn't believe I was actually doing this, but what I got in return is making this night all worth it. I got in my car and used the directions my mom gave me to get to her boss's house. I was in jean shorts and a white flowy-ish tank top, with my hair down and a little make up on. I had a cheetah print bag with sweats, make up, a tooth brush, and some other sh*t. When I got tot he door, I was greeted by Mrs. Keller.
"Paige, hello! I'm soooo glad you could come, Kelly and her friends are so excited that you're going to be here, all they do is talk about you!"
"Aw, haha how cute," I said, smiling a little. Gross, don't talk about me.
"Mr. Keller and I have to leave now, but we'll be back tomorrow around 5ish, so if you wouldn't mind staying until then....?" I did not want to stay until then. At all.
"Oh yeah, no problem!", I said. Vomit. I said bye and walked in the house, dropping my bag by the front door. Kelly was in the living room with like 6 friends and they were all watching Jersey Shore and gossiping.
"Paige!", Kelly exclaimed when she saw me. I used to baby sit her, but now I just find her annoying as f*ck.
"Hey Kelly, happy birthday!"
"Thanks! Come in! This is Lily, Kate, Olivia, Taylor, Liz, and Britt. Guys, this is Paige. She;s gonna be a Junior next year."
"Just like Matt!"
"Oooooooh" Okay, ew?
"Oh my gosh shut up. We're not like even technically dating, well I mean we are, but I don't know. It's weird."
"Just be careful with that one," I mumbled.
"Why? What do you know about him?!"
"Hahah, I've known him since middle school and he;s just really obnoxious. He's like the bad boy player that everyone thinks is soooo hot and amazing and I'm like uhm ew gross he's a jerk."
"Oh...well he's really nice to me, so maybe he's changing!" I didn't feel like breaking this girls heart, so I just nodded in agreement.
"Do you have a boyfriend Paige?", one of her friends asked.
"Oh my gosh, why?! You're like, totally gorgeous!"
"Thanks, but I don't want a boyfriend."
"Why? I love boys, ohemgee."
"Yeah, that's the thing, hah."
"I don't believe in love, it's a sh*t load of lies and disappointment. I don't bother with guys anymore." Everyone looked really depressed when I said that.
"Uh, the guys in my grade are just jerks, I'm sure the guys you like are really great!" And with that they all launched into stories of their boyfriends and the guys they like. Joyous.
"So wait, if you don't have a boyfriend, what do you do for fun?"
"I party with my best friend and my brother and his best friend."
"You guys have parties just the four of you??"
"Noo, we go to parties that people have and yeah."
"What do you do there?"
"Personally? I drink until I can't remember sh*t and pass out. My best friend makes out with the guy she has a thing with, my brother makes out with his girlfriend, and my brothers best friend watches over me and drinks a little too."
"You have to be 21 to drink!", they all gasped. Sh*t. I'm supposed to be a role model for them.
"Hahahah you guys thought I was serious! I'm totally kidding, me and my friends usually just like, have girls nights and watch movies and stuff like that!"
"Oh yeah! We looove that!" And with that they were all off talking about random crap. My lord they could talk. I was getting a head ache and wanted to go home.


 "If you dream
about someone,
it means they
went to sleep
thinking about

Yep, I knew Leonardo DiCaprio was thinkin about me last night..

My Fairytale

Chapter 1

"Honey, are you ready?" No, I hate going to these stupid things. They are a waste of my time and I get no enjoyment whatsoever out of this. I thought.
"Almost mom!", I replied instead, limping around in one heel, looking for the other one.
"Uggggghh!," I groaned. My entire room was turned upside down and I still couldn't find the freaking shoe!
"Are you looking for this?", my older brother, Ryan asked, standing in my doorway in a suit, with his tie hanging around his neck, not tied, and holding my missing heel.
"Yes!! Where'd you find it?!", I asked, limping over to him and putting the shoe on, then going over to my vanity to reapply some mascara and a bit more lip gloss.
"You threw it at me the other day I think," he replied, walking into my room and standing in front of my mirror, trying to tie his tie. I puckered my lips then walked over to him and tied it for him, fixing his hair a little too.
"Oh yeah, you wouldn't stop singing," I said, remembering that I had my best friend, Lauren over and we were trying to talk about this guy she likes, but Ryan, my brother, and his best friend, Kyle kept singing obnoxiously.
"Thanks," Ryan said after I finished tying his tie.
"No problem," I replied, grabbing my clutch and shutting off my light.
"You ready?", he asked.
"Nope, but we gotta go anyways," I said, walking down the stairs. He groaned in agreement behind me, and my mom was waiting by the bottom of the stairs for us.
"Oh honey, you look absolutely gorgeous!", my mom said when she saw me. ( I rolled my eyes and checked my phone.
"And Ryan, you look so handsome!" He reacted in the same way I had.
"Can you guys at least pretend you're happy to be going to this?!"
"No?", we both said at the same time. Every couple of weeks my mom would drag us along on some business dinner with her, since her boss and co-workers all brought their families too.
"Tonight it family oriented night though! Everyone else is bringing their kids and I'd look like a dud if I didn't bring my wonderful kids too!" We rolled our eyes, since we all knew we were far from wonderful.
"Come on, in the car, now," she said, shooing us out the door.
"We're all going in one car?", Ryan asked.
"Yes! It's FAMILY night. That means we ride in the same car as a FAMILY," my mom said, sighing. Ryan and I groaned, but got into my mothers black Lexus anyway.
Ryan got shot gun, which just put me in an even worse mood than I was in before. I texted Lauren back when my mom looked at me in the rear view mirror, saying,
"When we get there, the phone goes in the purse and stays there. That goes for you too mister," my mom said, eyeing Ryan too, as he was probably texting his girlfriend.
"But mom!", we both started, but she gave us that look that meant if we said another word we'd be in for it, so we both just shut up and sat back, waiting to get to some fancy restaurant and eat with a bunch of annoying people that we didn't even like. Tonight should be fun.


Our Summer
Chapter 9

Carson's POV;
For some weird reason, I really wanted to stay and talk to Dan and hang out and stuff, but tonight was about me and Matt. We got up and I gave Dan a quick hug and walked out to my car with Matt. Even though the hug only lasted about 3 seconds, it sent my stomach into a crazy mess. Wait, what am I talking about. I had just met this guy, and he was friends with Derek. No, I don't like this kid. I can't. Matt talked endlessly about his girl friend Stella on the ride home as I had an inner conflict with myself. I don't like his girlfriend anyway. Well, she doesn't like me. Whatever.
"Carson you just got a text," Matt said, glancing at my phone.
"Read it," I said, not taking my eyes off the darkening road.
"It's from Dan..he asked what you're doing tomorrow," Matt said, playing around with my phone.
"Say nothing yet why." It was quiet for a minute as Matt typed the response and waited for Dan to write back. Within a minute my phone made its little pingy noise, and Matt said,
"He said he wants to hang out with you...Carse, I don't like this..."
"Why?", I asked, glancing over at him.
"I already got involved with one older guy in FSU...and you know how that turned you really want the same thing to happen again?"
"Just because they hang out doesn't mean their exactly the same Matt."
"I know..but I dunno, I just have a bad feeling about this guy."
"Well I like him. Tell him to call me later or something and we can figure plans out."
"I thought you said you were done with guys for a while?"
"I changed my mind. Send the message back."
"Fine," he sighed. I hated people telling me what to do. Matt knew that. I know he didn't really tell me to do anything, but it was close enough for me to rebel against what he wanted. I dropped him off at his house and when I got back to my house, it seemed like a party was going on.
What now?
I thought. I opened the door and found Kyle and Ryan playing Just Dance 2 in the living room with the volume blasted. Jeez they're cool. I rolled my eyes at them and sat down on a chair in the living room, texting Dan and enjoying the show going on in front of me. I was laughing hysterically when the doorbell rang. I got up and answered it and was surprised to see Dan.
"Uh..Hi!," I said, opening the door.
"Hey, what's up?", he asked, smiling.
" brother and his friends are doing some hard core dancing and I was just watching them, ahaha."
"Hahaha, sounds fun..but uh, do you wanna go on a walk?"
"Sure," I said, walking out the door. We satrted walking around my neighborhood, not really talking and after about 5 minutes, Dan grabbed my hand. I looked at it quickly and smiled. He looked at our hands too, then at me.
"Carson..I know that we only just met a few weeks ago..but I dunno, there's something about you.." By then I couldn't stop smiling. I started to say that I felt the same way, but before I could, Dan put his hand under my chin and kissed me, sweetly, softly, yet it was the most amazing kiss I've ever expeirenced.
Our Summer
Chapter 7
*I'm changing the main male characters name from James to Dan*

Carson's POV;
Our date with the guys was a lot of fun, I laughed a lot. Dan did keep asking about Derek though, and it kinda hurt talking about him, but I was okay. I mean, I have to be okay. Kelsey, Kate, Jenna, and I all live on the same street, so we're always at each others houses, constantly. Especially in the summer. Everyone on our street is really close, and everyone pretty much leaves their doors unlocked, 24/7. The girls and I flock through each others houses through out the day and are always with each other. It's the day after our date with the guys, and we all actually slept at our own houses last night. I woke up this morning though, and I started crying. Which is where I'm at right now; crying in my bed. I called Jenna about 5 minutes ago, and now her, Kate, and Kelsey are all walking into my room.
"What's the matter?"
"What happened?"
"Are you okay?"
"It's Derek you guys. I loved him, I really did. He used me and I know it. But the other night at the party when he held my hand and was with me and watching me the whole night..I don't know, it made me feel like he still liked me. And I told myself that I wasn't gonna make an effort to talk to him, if he wanted, he could talk to me on his own. But he hasn't. Nothing. No texts, calls, nothing. It kills me and I don't know what to do. I'm over him, I don't want to get back with him, but it still sorta hurts, being used, you know? And I just I don't even know what to do. You guys think Dan likes me and I mean I don't know. I don't wanna get involved with another guy and end up getting hurt, you know? What do I do you guys!"
"Aw baby! I think you needa be done with boys for now. Dan definitely likes you, but if you don't wanna get involved with a guy right now, just stay friends with him, okay? You're gonna be okay. Where's Matt been lately? He always can put a smile on your face. He gets back from Florida today, right? You should call him. Spend the night with him, okay?"
"Yeah, you're right. I love you guys, thanks so much," I said, hugging them all.
"No problem babes."
"McDonalds run for lunch?"
"Hell yes!" We were all in sweats and tank tops, but we walked to McDonalds and got lunch, playing with our toys from our Happy Meals and having fun. As we were devouring our fries, my older brother Ryan walked in with his best friend, Kyle. They're a year older than us, but they're not friends with the FSU guys.
"CARSON!!", Kyle screamed, running over to me and giving me a hug. I laughed and hugged him back, saying hi. Ryan says Kyle is in love with me, but it's really just a joke. Kyle and Ryan have been best friends since they were like four, and when I was five I had a huge crush on Kyle. and he just likes to remind me of that, even though it's been 11 years.
"Whaddup baby?", he asked, sitting next to me. I rolled my eyes and we all got up, leaving my brother and Kyle to our mess.
"What'd I say babe!? No! Don't leave me! Give me another chance, come on!" He does that all the time, but I just ignored him and we all walked home. It was kinda cold for the end of June, so after I took a shower, I threw on a pair of skinny jeans and a gray hoodie, I think it was Kyle's actually. It fit me perfectly though, it musta shrunk or something, Idunno. I dried my hair and did my makeup, then called my best guy friend, Matt.
"Matt Matt Matt," I said when he picked up the phone.
"Carson Carson Carson."
"Come over I have soooo much to tell you!"
"Right now?"
"Yeah we can go to dinner later or something , I have to talk to you pleaseeee Matt." Just then I heard a knock on the front door and when I answered it, it was Matt. He lives right next door to me. I hung up my phone and gave him a huge hug, pulling him inside my house and sitting him down on my couch. It was four o'clock and if we wanted to go to dinner by six, I'd have to talk a mile a minute to fill him in on everything..