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Well, my name is Arianna. I'm 13 my birthday is July 3rd any twins? I'm tired of being played by the people that mean the most to me. sometimes I just wanna lay in my bed any cry over all of the things that have happened but I can't because I'm to mad to cry. I just want a guy that will treat me right. Any takers?

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13 Today!!

Wish me Happy Birthday!


I don't like him...

I'm just sexually attracted to him;)


That "what now" moment when you Unfriend you ex.



Does anyone else realise that Indigo is almost always left out of the rainbow?


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A conversation between me and my boyfriend:
Emilio:You are my angel
Me:Aw:)I love you
Emilio:Yea I love you too
Emilio:Are you my angel? Because you are sent from up above

True Story


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You are my sunshine<3

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You will get Twinkies if you show your ding dong to a ho ho


When I see you my heart smiles<3