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 Alexis Rose.

Lyrics speak my life.♥
I love my friends more than anything.
I wear to many bracelets. (:
at the moment life is good.♥




Quotes by arr

is a long time.

But i wouldn't

mind spending it

By your side.

I will wait forever and a day just to be with you again.

Leavethe pieces when you go.....

 Was there a chance for me to walk the other way
And now in bed I lay all alone waiting for my phone to ring
And is there something I could say to bring you back to me
And fix this mess I've made.
 It's in the way that you fool everyone.

I'm gunna give all my secrects alway.

 We say what we feel,
Then we stop ourselves,
And just walk away.
Never looking back,
Loving every second of it,
We just walk away 
 Your lips look so lonely
Would they like to meet mine
You are the one that I've been hoping to find
You're so sweet that you
Put Hersheys out of business
Can I have a photograph to show my friends that
Angels truly exist.

 Something I cannot forget.
 You bring out the beast in me.