Status: I quit. If you ask, just check my about first because I'm not going to log in or reply. The reason is right in front of you. Sorry.
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hi, call me lilac.

i quit, sorry. i don't hate witty, i just didn't like how people made it. And I don't really like my experience either. Want to know the truth why I'm leaving? look below. The reasons were probably straight in your eyes, but if you need an explanation, it's all down there.
I just want to clear something up. No I'm not going to come back for a while, this is just a message if you're planning on asking. I'm leaving because I just don't feel like staying. First I have schoolwork, violin classes, etc. And because I don't like the amount of drama. I don't expect everyone to be like 'I love you, we are best friends.' But I just wish you could go just a little while without things like rants.

See, the thing about seeing quotes are there's that once point where you just don't want to read anymore. No, I'm NOT talking about 'depression' or 'suicidal very very sad' quotes. I'm talking about rants and hate messages and it has even got to the point where we started making teams and going like 'ugh omg get off witty'. But I'm not blaming anyone. It's the people who blame others and continue to fight it, instead of being kind. If you don't like someone just back off and ignore it. Don't go 'god, i hate you you're a ****.'.

Another reason why I left is because people expect 'certain quotes' which are funny quotes.

Oh, and because apparently, 100% of Witty has to be funny quotes. Doesn't matter if you're stealing. As long as it's funny, you'll get favorites. Here I feel like originality doesn't even matter anymore. The funnier you are, the more famous you'll be.

At least put things like 'not my quote credit to owner' because not everyone will click your quote and see your 'tumblr' tag.

I try to be original, but I know I'm not completely 'oh so hilarious'. I am original at my quotes and that's what I think matters. I'm not a funny tumblr sentence generator. I make quotes I like and quotes people relate to. I try to do my best, but I just never feel good enough at it. There's your explanation for 'why were you always offline? why no more quotes?'. It's okay though, I know I just was completely embarrassing and my quotes were kind of a waste. I liked making formats though.

While the people who basically just have stole it off of tumblr or something, are the ones getting 'so popular' and 'so hilarious'. There's so much more people who actually post ORIGINAL quotes and barely even get noticed. It really bothers me. Nearly everyone who has 'hundreds of the funniest, top, original quotes' are those who steal from tumblr or twitter etc.

I just wish this was a place where people could come without being confused or unwelcomed. Where being 'witty famous' doesn't even matter. I've been trying to find a place like that. But where ever I go, there's ALWAYS going to be a rant or a stolen something.

Just one. Just one place where I could share what I have and not feel uncomfortable. Just one place where a simple mistake doesn't break everything. Just one where people could be original and funny at the same time.

Sorry, my experience on here just didn't make me feel like this is such a 'friendly community' or 'a whole new world of unseen quotes'. It was actually just a place where people could rant, steal things, and get top quotes.

Thanks for reading.

-lana del rey
-people who stay strong
-you u swaggie

-people who say 'they started it'
-bad bad bad people
-my selfies

Quotes by artsylilacs

Whenever I see red and green, it's always Christmas.
life is so embarrassing with me in it.

not even my parents know me anymore

They call me the anti social butterfly.
oh well, at least I tried
Even if you were someone else,

            you'd still be

They'll only act like that

if they know you'll have that reaction.
*Wears safety glasses to avoid getting soap in my eyes*

If you want to

be trusted,
then tell the truth.

If only you could buy friends.