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NaMe...Ashley StAtE...New York CiTy...New Hartford AgE...12 CoLoR...Lime Green FoOd...Popcorn DrInK...Lemonade CaNdY...POPROCKS! StAtUs...Ehh...crushin? Thats everything ya need to know! IM me if ya wanna chat or something abd be sure to look at my profiles! Love yall! Ashley

Quotes by ashleyliz1208

What goes      D     N      comes      D     N
           A              U
               R     O             A              U  
                                       R     O
What goes u must come d
                      n  Now whos cryin, desirein to come back to me?

Alicia Keys - Karma
Life's not always gonna go your way. Yeah, it's gonna knock you down and leave some scars and some memories- good and bad. You may start off on the wrong track, but you can always get back on the right. Your footprints may lead, but your angel will guied you. And God will always be by your side. You're gonna live, laugh, and love. And if life hits you too hard, remember that you can always lean on me.
"You have a couch in here?"
"It's where we sit and wonder why God put men on this planet." -Two Of A Kind
"When you put on that jersey, you represent you and your teammates. And the name on the front is a hell of a lot more important than the name on the back." -Miracle
As long as the world keeps spinning, we're gonna keep gettin dizzy and makin mistakes...
People who dont know me think im shy...
People who do know me whish i was...
i ThiNk i'Ve aLrEaDy LoSt YoU
i tHiNk uR aLreAdy GoNe
i tHiNk i'M fiNaLLy ScArEd nOw
yOu ThiNk i'M wEaK, i ThiNk yOuR wRoNg
There are no hard feelings. No one To
blame. We`re just two people who
[[ `'* -Dont Feel The Same.- *'` ]]
-I WiSh*
-I WaNt*
((i`d LoVe 2 bE))
-HiS LoVe*
-HiS LiFe*
((HiS Ev3rYtHiiNq))